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Planned Curriculum

It is scientifically established fact that 50% of intelligence develops during 0-5 years. Hence this is the best time to focus on developing the overall personality of the kid. Future Link Techno School recognizes that children learn best through direct experience, play, exploration and inquiry. Children at Future Link Techno learn to think, reason, question and experiment as they participate in hands-on activities with a variety of open-ended materials. The curriculum at Future Link Techno is scientifically designed which adopts an integrated and holistic approach to learning. The Global Kids pre-school curriculum includes:

Activity based Learning : Kids are terrific learners, with an amazing amount of energy and an eagerness to try new things. Everything they do, they do with great vigor and enthusiasm. Accordingly, our classrooms and lesson plans for kids are packed with activities to encourage questions, confidence, interaction and most of all, discovery. Using activity oriented learning methods, we give children the all possible opportunities to experiment with ideas and have new experiences

Intellectual Development : Our specially designed curriculum focuses on the child‘s five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste), the skills of memory, observations, problem solving, logical thinking and developing a scientific attitude and a sense of curiosity ensuring intellectual development of the children.

Physical Development : A wide range of interesting activities and games have been carefully planned in Future Link Techno curriculum to develop children‘s gross and fine motor skills in their indoor and outdoor physical environment

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